That's why we connect women who suffered gender based violence to a volunteer network
of psychologists and lawyers to provide services free of charge and use the power of collective
action to engage civil society in defense of women’s rights.

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Brazil is the 5th country in the world where most women die from femicide. During the coronavirus pandemic, 8 women suffered physical violence per minute in the country, and in 2021 alone, a woman was killed every 7 hours as a result of domestic violence or on account of gender. Do the math and see for yourself how urgent our mission is.

Over the last five years, Maps do Acolhimento supported over 5,000 women and registered more than 10,000 volunteers. Only in 2022, we have already mobilized over 200,000 people in defense of women's rights and given proper training to public workers who work in the front line of supporting women in situation of violence - and we want to do even more!

​​To succeed in this mission, we need support from the people who believe in our work. To help, you can make a monthly or one-time donation and ensure that no woman is left helpless in a situation of violence!

Offering qualified and integrated
support through Mapa do Acolhimento's volunteer network, so that women can
break the cycle of violence and regain autonomy over their lives.

Pressuring the authorities for the
expansion and strengthening of the
Public Network of Services
to support women.

Cooperation with governments to
train public workers and decision
makers to provide sensitive,
qualified, and integrated support
to women who suffer gender
based violence.

To connect survivors to volunteers, we developed a system that automatically matches women who ask for help to professionals near them. Women in risk only need to fill a form to receive, in minutes, the contacts of a psychologist, a lawyer or both.

To pressure the authorities, we have a powerful tool for collective action that makes us able to send thousands of emails from different individuals to the target of the mobilization.

To help all women who need to find help in a public service, we've made a collective effort to build a comprehensive database with more than 1,000 public services.

To evaluating the impact of our interventions in women's lives, we developed platforms and dashboards to strategically collect data and produce reports.

The connection between a woman in situation of violence who asks for support and a psychologist or lawyer happens in four steps:

1) The woman registers on our website giving us some information about her that will help our system to find her a volunteer.

2) In only a few minutes, our system search for a psychologist or lawyer (or both) available in her location.

3) It’s a match! The system automatically sends the contact information of the volunteer to the woman who asked for help. If no volunteer is found in the region, the woman receives information about public services for victims of violence near her.

4) Now it's up to the woman! She must contact the volunteer within 30 days to schedule her free support.

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